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“A Little Less Talk And A Lot More Action”

Have you ever heard of the country song "A Little Less Talk And A Lot More Action"? Well, I have been a part of the full life cycle with starting and growing successful businesses. As I continue to grow and manage them, I am ready for another challenge. I want to bring the same value and guidance to your business with my experience and skills.

I will ‘consult’ and focus on common pain points of many organizations. Don’t worry, I will question it for you… “What even IS a business consultant, and how could you, Chris, be different?”

Well, I will say it, most business consultants are a lot of talk. They pitch their ability to brainstorm concepts and strategies that will enhance your organization. Although creative collaboration IS an essential aspect of the planning process, it is simply only the beginning. But for most consultants, their work is done and the client is left to implement the plan alone.

My approach is twofold. YES, we will brainstorm and strategize, but in order to produce results the business must be provided the tools to leverage technology and implement strategic concepts into their business models and marketing plans. I get that done. I produce real results. In the end, it’s a lot less talk and a lot more action! Let's work!

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